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Das Holoscene X ist Teilnehmer beim e4 Startup Award.

Ducktrain is an automated lightweight electric logistics vehicle for efficient urban last mile logistics. Ducktrain is a combination of any leading object (leading vehicle or person) and one or more electrically powered light vehicles – called “Ducks”-, which automatically follow the leading object. Each duck is equipped with sensor technology, which recognizes the leading object and virtually couples it to the duck. Therefore, it is a train of automated trailers, without any physical connection between the parts of the train.
Ducktrain has a unique set of features:

  • Ducktrain fits seamlessly into dense urban areas: Zero exhaust, quiet, narrow, 300 kg payload and 2m³ storage volume per unit while the use of footpaths and cycle paths is possible.
  • Ducktrain offers driver assistance such as collision avoidance and slightly path correction for a high safety level and potential reduction of minor damages.
  • Ducktrain does not cut corners: physically coupled trailers cannot be deployed for dense urban areas as the trailers cut corners. Our Ducks follow exactly the path of the leading object and are therefore extremely maneuverable, even in corner cases.
  • Ducktrain is flexible: The virtual coupling enables a coupling with any leading object and an automated platooning of Ducktrain.
  • Ducktrain offers the loading and unloading of pallets and swapping boxes trough a unique lowering unit.
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