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International Start-up Award Transforming Mobility 2022

New Ideas for the Mobility of the Future

Patronage: The Minister of Transport of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Hermann, MdL

We are calling on start-ups, young companies, university teams and university projects with ideas that advance the mobility and energy transformation.

For the third time, the Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann MdL Baden-Württemberg, JU-KNOW and the e4 TESTIVAL invite participants to pitch innovative ideas on stage and to present them free of charge at the exhibition of the e4 TESTIVAL on October 28.

Apply now

Minister of Transport of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Hermann, MdL

We are looking for future-oriented ideas for urban and rural areas, for passenger and freight transport, for everyday traffic and for leisure. Applications are open to startups and young companies from the fields of …

  • Vehicles, vehicle concepts – e-mobility, H2, bio-fuels
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Battery exchange solutions
  • Batteries, accumulators, energy storage
  • Multimodal solutions for urban and rural areas
  • Accessories, clothing
  • Services, apps
  • Sharing concepts
  • Solutions for converting combustion vehicles to zero-emission vehicles

Your area / your field is not included? Send us a short request here – we are happy to expand our existing fields of interest!

Application deadline until 09/30/2022 / 11:59 pm


We accept products / ideas from start-up companies that were founded no longer than 6 years ago or whose new line of business is based on an idea that is no older than 6 years (deadline in each case is August 15, 2022).

We accept products / ideas from student projects at research institutions / universities / colleges.

For verification purposes, we request a copy of the business registration or comparable proof of the founding date or corresponding proof of the new orientation / establishment of a new business branch from the start-up companies. For student projects, we request the matriculation certificate of the participating students.

Those interested in the award apply online until 09/30/2022 / 11:59pm through following link.

Apply now

To ensure a well-grounded selection of the award winners, the jury needs a expressive application. Here is an overview of the essentials:

  1. description of the innovation / idea (Word or Power Point).
  • Brief description – short summary of the most important aspects
  • Introduction of the founders – expertise and role in the team
  • The problem and the intended solution
  • The product / service
  • The unique selling proposition – the competitors
  • The market – target group(s) and market situation
  • Proof of concept
  • Short presentation of the business model
  • Key partners
  1. further information
  • Photos / videos of the innovation
  • Link to website and social media channels (if available)
  • Logo (if available)
  • Address / contact details

The online application form lists in detail what the jury needs in terms of documents and information.

  • From all entries, a jury of representatives from business, science and politics will select the start-ups that will be competing for the e4 TESTIVAL Start-up Award in a 3-minute pitch on stage on October 28 as part of the trade visitor day. If Corona regulations do not allow for a live pitch, we will require a pitch video, for which we will provide a template.
  • The award winners will be announced by the Minister of Transport of the State of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Hermann, MdL (or a representative of the Ministry of Transport, if applicable) during the Trade Visitor Day on October 28, 2022.
  • All nominated finalists of the Start-up Award will be notified by email at the end of September. Those who confirm their nomination will receive free exhibition space1 for all three e4 TESTIVAL days (Oct. 28-30, 2022) to present themselves and their idea to the public over the three days2. Finalists with licensed vehicles can use the appropriate track for test drives – the organizer reserves the right to set time slots for this.
  • Those who cannot be present on site will be tuned in online for the awards ceremony. There is no entitlement to exhibition space.
  • All those who will be present on site should arrive on 10/27 if possible and set up their booth / get settled in their exhibition space. The end of the exhibition is on Sunday, 10/30 at 5:30 pm.
  • Set-up / disassembly times, power requirements, other infrastructure, space requirements, etc. must be specified in the application form.
  • Special requests / requirements for infrastructure and equipment can be discussed with the organizers. We will gladly connect you with the fair constructor who is in charge of the e4 TESTIVAL as a whole.

1Size of exhibition space 2x2m – if you need more space, please contact us at u.kloe@e4testival.com
2 All start-ups that are invited to the e4 TESTIVAL and accept this invitation agree to exhibit their ideas in the Start-up Box on all days during the exhibition hours.

  • Free admission tickets for 2 people on the trade visitor day 10/28/2022, reduced admission tickets (50%) for another 2 people on the trade visitor day 10/28/2022, reduced admission tickets (50%) on the public days 10/29 + 10/30/2022 for a total of 12 people
  • Multichannel media services / comprehensive communication package before / during / after the e4 TESTIVAL (e.g. advertorial on the e4 TESTIVAL website with integration into the newsletter, integration into activities on the e4 TESTIVAL social media channels, and much more.
  • Participation at the e-party with networking on the exhibition grounds on 10/29/2022.
  • Award certificate from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Transport, presented by Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann
  • Media coverage of the award ceremony
  • Access to the e4 TESTIVAL Network with numerous experts from the fields of business development, finance, marketing and sales
  • Networking with experts on the topics of sustainability, climate protection, mobility and energy transition
  • Special conditions for selected consulting services from the e4 TESTIVAL Network
  • Workshop day with experts from the Gründerinstitut of the SRH University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg, InnoWerft Walldorf, with JU-KNOW GmbH and other accelerators
  • Arrangement of free / discounted exhibition space / presentation opportunities at trade fairs and events of suitable industries or associations

The winning packages have a value of EUR 6,000,- each.

  • The participation fee is € 149.00€ net.
  • In return we offer an outstanding platform, visibility in the industries and with end customers and above listed benefits.
  • The application fee is due if the jury has nominated the application as a ‘Finalist’. Applications that are not nominated as finalists by the jury do not have to pay the registration fee.
  • An award submission can be cancelled in writing free of charge until the registration deadline ( 9/30/2022 / 11:59 pm).
  • For later cancellations, the registration fee will be charged at full amount.
  • The costs for transport, insurance, any customs duties for import and export, travel expenses of the people involved, and accommodation costs are to be covered by the participants in the e4 TESTIVAL Start-up Award themselves.
  • The start-up itself is liable for any damage that may occur, as well as for any loss or additional costs. It is recommended that each participant takes out appropriate insurance to cover any damage (including transport).
  • All start-ups that win the preliminary round and are invited to the e4 TESTIVAL at the Hockenheimring must have set up their product(s) on 10/28/2022 at 9:00 am. Set-up is possible from Thursday afternoon / 10/27/2022 from 5:00 pm onwards.
  • The booth must be accessible and manned by at least 1 staff member until the end of the trade fair on 10/30/2022, 6:00 pm. Disassembly of the booth is possible on 10/30/2022 from 6:00 pm.
  • The booth area is empty, there are power connections. A sketch of the stand / the dimensions of the stand / desired requirements for placement must be attached to the application.
  • Special requests / requirements for infrastructure and equipment can be discussed with the organizers. We will gladly connect you with the fair constructor who is in charge of the e4 TESTIVAL as a whole.

The Jury

The jury, which will both nominate the finalists and decide on the awards on October 28, 2022, is composed of:

  • Markus Grottke – Prorector Research and Professor for Digital Business AKAD University Stuttgart.
  • Kirstin Kohler – Professor of User Experience Design and Human Centered Innovation at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences in the Faculty of Computer Science
  • Kai F. Wißler – CEO of Invenio AG
  • Malte Schmeck – e-mobil BW / State Agency for New Mobility Solutions and Automotive Baden-Württemberg
  • Maren Osterlitz – Innowerft Walldorf
  • Thomas Anderer – Managing Director efeucampus Bruchsal and Future Camp Evangelist

For innovations where design plays a special role, the jury will be supported by

  • Matthias Lingner – Transportation Designer and Founder of an e-Bike Concept Store in Berlin

The jury has the broad experience of different disciplines necessary for ‘New ideas for the mobility of the future’ and a high willingness to discuss in order to illuminate all important aspects and come to a common agreement on the winners of the e4 TESTIVAL Award.

Any questions left? Feel free to send me an e-mail.

Curator of the award & moderator of the jury: Ursula Kloé – Managing Partner JU-KNOW GmbH

Contact: u.kloe@e4testival.com

The application

The registration takes place exclusively online. Enter all the information necessary for your submission online. We can only consider submissions for participation in the competition that are complete and have been submitted and finally completed online. As soon as all documents have been submitted completely, you will receive a confirmation of participation by e-mail from us.

Tip for the application and pitch preparation!

When reviewing the submitted ideas, the jury pays attention to the following topics and evaluates them with the following guiding questions:

Level of innovation

  • Is it an entirely new product / service?
  • Is it adding something new to an existing product / service?
  • Does the product / service connect previously unrelated stakeholders / offerings?
  • Where exactly are the strengths (compared to competitors / previous solutions, if applicable)?
  • Why does the product / service have the potential to inspire trendsetters / early adopters?

Customer Centricity

  • Does the product / service have the potential to meet the needs of future users / solve their problems / offer them value?
  • Does the product / the front end of the service have the potential to convince future users in terms of appearance, color, shape, handling?
  • Price-performance ratio
  • Additional benefits for the future users, beyond pure functionality?

Suitability as a driver of the mobility transformation

  • Does the product / front end of the service have the potential to stimulate rethinking / new action with regard to individual mobility behavior?
  • Does the product / the front end of the service have the potential to solve the traffic problems in rural regions (incl. commuting / work-related traffic towards the city or out of the rural area)?
  • Does the product / the front end of the service have the potential to solve the traffic problems in the city / in urban regions (incl. commuting in and out of the city)?


  • Choice of material, material quality (feel, look)
  • Build Quality
  • Durability, recyclability
  • Social impact
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