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e4 TESTIVAL Start-up Award


Due to the situation with the Covid-19 Virus the award will be held online!

We know you need time for dealing with the impact of the virus.

The application period has been prolonged until 31 May 2020! So, you’ve got more time to take care of your financial standing.

New Ideas
for the Mobility of the Future


Minister for Transport Winfried Hermann MdL

Start-ups show their ideas of revolutionising the mobility industry

Start-ups, initiatives, academic groups and college / uni graduates will have the opportunity to present their innovations within the e4 TESTIVAL.
Again, the ‚Transforming Mobility‘ Start-up Award enjoys the patronage of the Minister for Transport of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Hermann MdL.
We are looking for innovative ideas both for urban and rural areas, for the ‚first mile‘ and the ‚last mile‘.

  • E-vehicles
  • E-mobility concepts
  • Technology, accessories, apparel
  • Services, apps
    We are accepting innovations from these areas when they are linked to New Mobility
  • Innovations for the energy industry which are linked to New Mobility
  • Innovations for Smart Cities and are linked to New Mobility or enable MaaS

The procedure of the e4 TESTIVAL Award

Start-ups interested apply online using the link to the application form.
Deadline for applications is 31 May 2020, 23:59 (11:59 pm).

Out of all applicants the jury consisting of representatives of economy, science, and politics will decide on the finalists in a first step.

All finalists nominated by the jury will be informed by email until mid-June 2020.

All winners and finalists will get exhibition area for free at the next e4 TESTIVAL (see ‚benefits‘ below). The date of the next TESTIVAL will be announced in time.

On 27 June the pitches and the award ceremony will be streamed live.
Minister for Transport Winfried Hermann will hold a keynote and laudatory speech.

The event will be streamed both on the e4 TESTIVAL channels and on the channels of our partners. Thus finalists and winners will reach an attractive audience.

Benefits for all finalists

In the course of the next e4 TESTIVAL

  • Stand within the start-up area of the next e4 TESTIVAL (2 m2)
  • Free admission for 2 people, reduced tickets (50%) for further max. 5 people
  • Admission to the exhibition area with snacks and drinks being served on both days
  • Participation in the conference ‚Future of Mobility‘, extensive networking with participants, exhibitors, and invited guests

From June 2020 onwards

  • Multichannel media coverage, comprehensive communication package before, during, and after the event (e.g. advertorial on the e4 TESTIVAL website, newsletter integration, social media posts etc.)
  • Online banner and printing templates ‚Start-up Award Transforming Mobility FINALIST 2020‘ including logos of the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg and e4 TESTIVAL.

Benefits for the winners

  • Award certificate of the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg
  • Personal award-giving, presented by the Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann MdL in the course of the next e4 TESTIVAL
  • Online banner and printing templates ‚Start-up Award Transforming Mobility WINNER 2020‘ including logos of the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg and e4 TESTIVAL.
  • Wild card for participation in either an accelerator or booster programme with our partners innoWerft, Start-up Mannheim, Gründerinstitut Heidelberg will be selected by the organiser and the providers of the programmes1
  • Consulting and coaching for business plans, sales and marketing by experts of JU-KNOW and innoWerft Walldorf1
  • If appropriate: free exhibition space at the selected trade fairs and conferences (e.g. Hannover Messe, Automobilzulieferertag Esslingen, e4 TESTIVAL conference)
  • For Start-ups from abroad and interested in a subsidiary in the Rhein-Necker area or the Tech Region Karlsruhe: our network can support in finding office spaces and lodging during the first couple of months
  • Access to the e4 TESTIVAL network with many experts for business development, finance, sales and marketing
  • Special conditions for selected consultancy services out of the e4 TESTIVAL network
  • Free one-day-workshop with experts of the Gründerinstitut Heidelberg of the SRH university1

This package for the winners is worth more than EUR 8,000

1could be conducted online subject to developments of Covid-19

The jury

The jury both nominates the finalists and selects the award winners on 6 June 2020 consists of:

Prof. Dr. Markus Grottke

Prorector Research and Professor Digital Business, AKAD University Stuttgart

Prof. Dr. Kirstin Kohler

Professor User Experience Design and Human Centered Innovation, Mannheim University, IT faculty


Ingrid Kühnel

Managing Director Public Transport Network ‚Kreisverkehr‘, Schwäbisch Hall

Maren Osterlitz

Business Development Manager IT and High-Tech B2B Start-ups, innoWerft Walldorf

Malte Schmeck

e-mobil BW / Cluster e-mobility South West, Digitalisation, ICT, Start-ups

Kai F. Wißler

Chairman Invenio AG

Curator: Ursula Kloé – Managing Partner JU-KNOW GmbH

The proficient jury represents the appropriate disciplines for ‚New Ideas for Mobility of the Future‘ and shows high willingness to engage, examine, and discuss matters in order to agree to a common denominator – who will win the 2020 Transforming Mobility Award.

Contact: Ursula Kloé,

General information for application

Definition Start-Up

We accept products and ideas of start-up businesses which have been founded not more than five years ago (effective date is 6 June 2020). In addition, we accept products and ideas of initiatives, academic groups and college / uni graduates.

As confirmation we would like to ask for a copy of your business registration or a comparable proof of the founding date of your start-up.
For initiatives, academic groups and college / uni graduates the certificate of enrolment will be accepted as confirmation.


The registration fee is EUR 150 – plus VAT, if applicable. (Please see ‚benefits for finalists‘ for performances included).

Applicants who will not be awarded as finalists will not get a refund. However, these teams will be invited to the next e4 TESTIVAL (including tickets for max 10 persons).

Guiding questions for your application

Describe your project according to the 5 following criteria. You can use the guiding questions but you don’t have to necessarily answer every single question.

Please name the three most outstanding features in your description.

Description either in German or English.

Description of the product, the service, the app etc.

  • Powerful headline about your product / service etc. (max 100 characters)
  • Information about features, properties, qualities, distinctiveness, USPs – facts, no marketing language please
  • The aim of this text is to explain the jury in an lucid and comprehensible way what is special / unique about your project – the better the text, the higher the chance to become a finalist
  • (Intended) selling price – either B2B or B2C
  • For products: weight, size, important measures (e.g. sizes of foldable products)

Please indicate what information is still confidential, i.e. not meant for the public. In this case we will treat this information as classified and will only pass it on to the jury.

Level of innoavtion

Guiding questions – you don’t have to necessarily answer every single question. However, the text should convey a comprehensive and clear conception of the level of innovation:

  • Is the product / service entirely new?
  • Is the product / service a new / innovative addition to an already existing product / service?
  • Does the product / service link stakeholders / offers which have not been connected with each other so far?
  • What exactly are the strengths  – if appropriate in comparison to future competitors / current solutions?
  • Why will the product / service fascinate trendsetter / early adopters?


Guiding questions – you don’t have to necessarily answer every single question. However, the text should convey a comprehensive and clear conception of the innovation’s value for the customer.

  • Describe the product’s / the service’s potential to meet customers‘ needs / solve their problems / offer value to the customer
  • Can the product / the front end of the service fully convince customers in terms of look and feel / design, colour, operation / control / handling?
  • Value for money
  • Added value for potential users – in addition to sheer functionality?

Suitable as driver of the turnaround of mobility

Guiding questions – you don’t have to necessarily answer every single question. However, the text should convey a comprehensive and clear conception of the innovation’s potential to make customers rethink mobility.

  • Can the product / the service encourage customers to rethink their individual mobility behaviour?
  • Can the product / the service help reduce traffic problems in rural areas (e.g. traffic jams when commuting into cities)?
  • Can the product / the service help reduce inner city traffic problems?


Guiding questions – you don’t have to necessarily answer every single question. However, the text should convey a comprehensive and clear conception of how sustainable the innovation is – especially important for applicants with vehicles and new propulsion technologies.

  • Material, material properties
  • Built quality
  • Longevity, possibility to recycle

General information about the application


Online application only.
Please enter all information required into the online form – applications can only be accepted once they are complete.

Upon completion of your application you will receive a confirmation by email.

After the first phase of evaluation by the jury you will be informed about the results.

Currently, we are planning to send out this information until 19 June 2020.

Organisation during the event

Organisation of the virtual Start-up Award ‚Transforming Mobility‘ – online pitch and award ceremony on 27 June 2020

  • When nominated as finalist you will receive a description of the requirement of the 3-minute-pitch video and a link to upload it to our server. The video will enable the jury to prepare for your application.
  • The video has to be uploaded until 24 June 2020, 23:59 (11:59 pm) at the latest.
  • On 27 June it’s pitch time! You are going to present your innovations and ideas on a livestream platform (we are currently checking what can be used by everybody). Should any technical problems occur we still can use your pitch video.
  • In addition to the pitches there will be a Q&A session between jury and finalists. More details about this in the beginning of May.
  • The announcement of the winners will be on 27 June after private discussion and decision by the jury.


Please tell us your company’s address for invoices and the VAT ID when you’re based in the EU.


  • Should you wish to cancel your application please do so in writing (email) until 31 May 2020, 23:59 (11:59 pm) and it’s free of charge.
  • Cancellations between 1 June and 18 June 2020 (23:59 / 11:59 pm) will be charged with 50% of the registration fee.
  • Cancellations after 19 June 2020 will be charged with fully (100%).

Transport and insurance

This is to inform finalists who will be able to participate as exhibitors in the next e4 TESTIVAL for free.

  • Transport, insurance, and customs (if applicable), and travel costs are to be paid by the applicants / finalists.
  • e4 TESTIVAL cannot be held liable for any damages to their exhibited items. We therefore recommend to take out insurance for these items (including transport).

Evaluation process

The evaluation process consists of a pre-decision and the main decision phase – the latter to be held on 27 June 2020 during the online event.

Both pre-decision and main decision on all products and services submitted will be based on a scoring system. In the pre-decision the jury will ascertain the best applications to become finalists and thus to take part in the elevator pitch.

The members of the jury have different backgrounds and core competences. They evaluate every application individually with their expertise in mind and based on the criteria named above and the coherent scoring system.

After the individual assessment there will be a phase of exchange and discussion to examine all applications in the light of the jury’s different core competences.

The scores from the individual assessments will be added up and the arithmetic average (mean value) of the individual scores will be taken as the consensus score. Each proposal with a minimum of 2.5 points will be invited to the Start-up Pitch on 27 June 2020 in order to present their ideas during the livestream.

We will accept a maximum of 20 finalists to the online pitch. With more than 20 proposals with more than 2.5 points the jury will have second phase of exchange and discussion. The decisive criterion in this phase will be the ‚eligibility as a driver of the turnaround of mobility‘.

Before the pitch of the finalists the jury again will evaluate all proposals in great detail. If queries occur the jury members might contact you via phone or video call.

The final decision will be made after the pitches and the Q&A sessions on 27 June 2020.

The jury will make sure that all proposals are being evaluated in an objective and serious way. Both the organisers and the jury want to carry out a transparent and fair evaluation process and to come to a conclusive decision. The decision will be based on qualitative goals, not on quantitative ones:
It is important that your proposal contributes significant value to the turnaround of mobility, to make customers rethink, and to evoke a change in their mobility behaviour towards less polluting transport systems.

We reserve the right not to award each and every category.

After the event, JU-KNOW in cooperation with the jury will author a statement for each winner comprising the reasons for the awarding. This report together with pictures and videos will be published on the e4 TESTIVAL’s website and social media channels which the winners may use for their own purposes as well.

Register here for the Start-up Award Transforming Mobility

The Winners of the ‚Transforming Mobility‘ Award 2019

The 2019 finalists

The Start-ups have been fascinated by the well-founded examination of the jury with their innovations.

Numerous talks with decision makers from various industries provided valuable information together with insights from interested politicians.

In the next edition of the FORUM we will report about the finalists‘ developments in the preceding year.

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